New Scenario: 2018 Lone Wolf

We are pleased to announce a new scenario in the digitalcorpora family!

Released today is the 2018 Lone Wolf Scenario, created by GMU student Thomas Moore. The scenario consists of more than 32GB (compressed) of data that was seized from a fictional individual who was planning a mass shooting.

The 2018 Lone Wolf Scenario is based on a (fictional) unstable individual who is planning a mass shooting. The individual is interrupted when a family member calls the police and his apartment is raided. The task for the investigators is to determine if anyone else was involved.

This scenario contains a disk image and memory dump from a laptop. It’s an image of a real, physical machine that was actually used, so it’s quite big. Also included in the scenario are the results of modern commercial digital forensics tools applied to the dataset, so that students who don’t have access to these tools can still see their results. There is a teacher’s guide that includes a report on all of the planted evidence.

The 2018 Lone Wolf Scenario was created by Thomas J. Moore, a student at George Mason University.

Please remember: this is a fictional scenario about fictional people!

Unlike the other scenarios on our website, this scenario also includes output of commercial forensic tools for student use. The idea is that there is nothing especially creative about running evidence through a tool, and a lot of students do not have access to state-of-the-art commercial tools, so we have run the tools for your students!

A teacher’s guide is available for this scenario.

You can find more information about the 2018 Lone Wolf scenario here:

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