2018 Lone Wolf Scenario

March 5th, 2019

The 2018 Lone Wolf scenario is a set of materials from the a fictional seizure of a laptop of a fictional individual who was planning a mass shooting. In the scenario, the individual’s brother alerted the police regarding the increasingly concerning behavior of his brother. As a result of the alert, the police seized the brother’s laptop. The laptop was then imaged with the FTK Imager program.

Forensic Data

This scenario was created by Thomas Moore, a student at George Mason University, as his final project for CRFS 780: Cloud Forensics, taught in Spring 2018 by Simson Garfinkel. The purpose of the scenario is to give students the chance to work with a dataset that contains cloud artifacts left on clients, and to provide a scenario with a realistic size.

The seizure consists of the following materials:

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