Obtaining Solutions


Solution packets for these scenarios are available as encrypted PDF and ZIP files, including:

Please note: the decrypt password is only available to faculty at accredited educational institutions, trainers and researchers working for the US Government, and (in some cases), forensics educators and researchers at partner governments. Students should not submit a request for solutions: such requests will be ignored. Instead, students should ask their faculty members to submit.

The decrypt password is provided to faculty members teaching courses in digital forensics as accredited educational institutions. Solutions should not be posted or provided to students: they are only to be used for course development and grading.

All solutions currently use the same password.

To get the solution password, please contact us with the WordPress contact form and provide

  • your full name
  • your phone number
  • an official web page that describes your course and clearly indicates your email address.
  • How many students and at what level (undergraduate, graduate) will be using the materials.
  • Whether or not we can put you on an announcement-only mailing list regarding new teaching materials we are developing.

Thank you!