Android 13

An image of Android 13 was created using a stock Android image from Google. Several popular applications (apps) were populated with user data utilizing the capabilities of each individual app. The stock Android apps were also populated with user data.

All times listed in the solutions document are yyyy-mm-dd / hh:mm.

All events prior to 2022-08-17 at 15:42 (UTC -0400) are in 24-hr, Central Daylight Time (UTC -0500).
All events between 2022-08-17 at 15:42 (UTC -0400) are in 24-hr, Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -0400).
All events on or after 2022-11-06 at 02:00 (UTC -0400) are in 24-hr, Easter Standard Time (UTC -0500).

Some of the data available in the apps were sync’d with data that had been previously populated. Information about the previously populated data can be found in the documentation of the various images, which can be found at

Thanks to Joshua Hickman for providing this image.

The Android 13 image can be found here:

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Make:       Google
Model:      Pixel 5a
Storage:    128 GB
RAM:        6 GB
Carrier 1:  Google Fi
Serial:     1B031JEG500741
Wi-Fi MAC:  14:22:3b:f3:f1:67
BT MAC:     14:22:3b:f3:f1:66