Android 7

Android 7 is the contents of a LG GSM H790 Nexus 5X phone. It is distributed as a compressed tar file called android_7.tar.gz that contains:

           0  Android 7/
        1077  Android 7/LG GSM_H790 Nexus 5X.ufd
 31268536320  Android 7/blk0_mmcblk0.bin
      399134  Android 7/Android7-ImageCreationDocumentation.pdf
     4194304  Android 7/blk32_mmcblk0rpmb.bin
        9021  Android 7/
       17076  Android 7/Android 7 Hashes.pdf
      244453  Android 7/Takeout Data/Snapchat - thisisdfir/
    17122745  Android 7/Takeout Data/Google - thisisdfir(at)
       17580  Android 7/Takeout Data/WhatsApp - 919-758-0276/access.html
        1584  Android 7/Takeout Data/WhatsApp - 919-758-0276/portability.json
      121022  Android 7/Takeout Data/Instagram - thisisdfir(at)
      426490  Android 7/Takeout Data/Twitter - (at)TDfir/
     4027833  Android 7/Takeout Data/Facebook Messenger - 919-758-0276/

You can download Android 7 from:

Checksums are available at:

Additional information appears below:

Android Image Information

As of October of 2018, Android 7 (Nougat) is the most popular version of Android in use today (28.2%), and, as such, it is important that the digital forensic community understand its inner workings; it would be ideal to have a Nougat image with strong documentation to widely available to the digital forensic community to use for research, education, and training. To help with this initiative, we are presenting an image of Android 7 (Nougat) populated with documented data over a period of seven days. This image is freely available to the digital forensic community.
The image is in a binary format and can be examined in numerous digital forensic tools.
The following files are included with the image:

Documentation of the contents of the image. The information in this document represents the known actions taken with the device during the testing period, along with information about the test device itself.
blk0_mmcblk0.bin and blk32_mmcblk0rpmb.bin
The image files in binary format.
Documented hash values of the image files and the file.
LG GSM_H790 Nexus 5X.ufd
UFED file generated as a result of the extraction process. This file can be used to open the image in Cellebrite’s Physical Analyzer application. Opening this file in Windows Notepad or similar application provides information about the extraction.
A zip file that contains metadata about the extracted partitions of the device and hardware components of the test device.
Takeout Data
A folder that contains takeout data from the electronic service providers (ESPs) that offered takeout services. The ESPs represented in this folder are those who’s apps were used on the device.