Under Development

This page tracks the various corpora that are under development.


  • nitroba university – packets eavesdropped at a NAT box of a dorm room. One of the individuals inside the dorm room has been harassing a professor at Nitroba University.
  • m57-exfiltration — A confidential document from the M57 startup was posted on the website of a competitor. You have the hard drives of various individuals in the firm and you need to figure how it got out.
  • m57-patents — Objectionable material was found on a computer that was sold on Craigs List. The computer was traced back to the M57 startup. You need to determine how the objectionable material got there and who was responsible for it. This scenario contains several other problems.

Test Disks

We also have a number of test disks that are under development.

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