Android 8

April 24th, 2019

Android 8 is a LG GSM H790 Nexus 5X cell phone. It is distributed as a compressed tar file.

android_8.tar.gz contains:

           0  Android 8/
        1203  Android 8/LG GSM_H790 Nexus 5X.ufd
 31268536320  Android 8/blk0_mmcblk0.bin
     4194304  Android 8/blk32_mmcblk0rpmb.bin
        4168  Android 8/
      457094  Android 8/Android8-ImageCreationDocumentation.pdf
       17069  Android 8/Android 8 Hashes.pdf
     1789792  Android 8/Takeout Data/
    36296652  Android 8/Takeout Data/GoogleTakeout-thisisdfir(at)
        6813  Android 8/Takeout Data/
     4320066  Android 8/Takeout Data/
      353055  Android 8/Takeout Data/
      272449  Android 8/Takeout Data/

You can download Android 8 from:

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